Behind the name AWOL

When I was 11, I went to Garmisch, Germany with my family to go skiing. I saw these guys riding boards for the first time and it was all I wanted to do. Unfortunately, my parents refused and made me ski. I got my first skate board at 12, that took over my life. I skated every single day.

FINALLY, at 14, I went snowboarding for the first time and (next to my children being born) it was the BEST moment of my life! I was in love with this sport and have not stopped since. My love and passion for riding boards is what inspired me to start this business. I want everyone to experience that feeling of freedom and liberation, that moment when you are completely care-free... when it's just you and the snow.

Ryan (the visionary)!

AWOL started in my basement in 2003. I began building boards by hand using a vacuum press and custom molds I made from scratch. Life got busy, I got married, had kids, and I ended up putting this whole idea of AWOL snowboards on the back burner. Riding has always been my passion and even though I was not making my boards, I was still hitting the mountain whenever I had a chance. I put my son on his first board when he 3 years old and watching him sparked my love for this sport all over again... and reminded me of my dream to make boards. So here we are, I hope you love our stuff as much as we do

Alex (the Rep)!

Keep your eye out for this guy! No, seriously, when he is not in the hospital getting body parts replaced you can find him at any AWOL event; which could range from riding with the crew to looking for new talent. He has been riding since the age of 8 and has been with us since day one.

Ashley (The Boss)!

Thank God she is a tolerant woman, cause trust me, I am no peach do deal with. For what knowledge I lack, she makes up for. She has been a huge asset and without her help, I would not have this opportunity. She is the back bone of the company and without her, we would just be just be a bunch of guys making boards in the basement.

Erik (graphics master)!

Erik and I have known each other since we were 12 years old. Originally from Washington DC, Erik studied art at George Mason University before moving to Louisville, KY. When he is not working as the graphic design manager for Job News or spending time with his newborn son, Erik is working on new concepts and board designs for AWOL. The images you see are the fruits of his labor. If you dig his style you should check out what else he has to offer at www.erikorr.com.

Praveen (web man)!

Praveen is also an artist but his skills turned more to the tech side. He is the guru of all things having to do with the website and our online shop. Check him out on twitter @neevarpt.