Snowboard Details


  • Price: $418.00
  • Style: True Twin Tip Freestyle
  • Profile: Positive Camber


The Sergeant is one tough cookie, with a little extra fat! With its positive camber it is nothing but speed, control, and lots of pop. This board offers a sidecut radius that works with the width of the board so bigger feet get minimal drag in turns, while the board still carves fast and tight. The combination of triaxial fiberglass and carbon fiber X beams built into the tip and tail, you get maximum spring with half the weight. This board is not for the simple minded, it was made for the ripper who charges down the mountain in domineering force leaving no obstacle untouched!


Length (cm) 156 Core Thickness 6.7mm
Tip Width (cm) 30.4 Effective Edge 121
Tail Width (cm) 30.4 Sidecut Radius 7500
Waist Width 25.5 Tail Length 17.5
Tip Length 17.5


  • Pultruded/Prepreg Carbon Fiber in the tips – A Pretension weave is stretched out to its strongest point and planted in an X array inside the tip and tail. Giving our board’s maximum spring with half the weight. 
  • Base Material - Iso 7500 Sintered base material is used due to its unmatchable anti-friction and wear-resistance characteristics.
  • ABS Sidewall –   Used to make our snowboards stiffer torsionally, have better edge grip, and take hard impacts on features like rails and boxes. Provides more stability at high speeds, acceleration out of the turns, and a little extra pop.
  • Poplar wood core – A light weight deck with predictable flex. With the use of full length vertical narrow strips of poplar lumber in the lamination, you get more pop that lasts over time. So you board will not be a soggy wet blanket after a few rounds on the mountain.
  •  360 degree Vibration Dampening System (VBS) – A standard in snowboard tech. Rubber stripping is placed around the edges and in high stress points to dampen vibration during riding and decrease the risk of delamination.
  • 360 Degree metal edge – The metal rail on your board that gives to traction on the snow and ice.
  • 19oz triaxial fiberglass – light weight and provides lots of flex, what you always wanted out of a snowboard.
  • Super tough resin from Huntsman – The glue that holds you board together.
  • CO-EX PBT Top sheet – Tough and durable.